My Story (Founder/CEO)

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2003, as a young adult with no family history or good understanding of this disease. As a type 1 diabetic patient I fully understand the challenges of people living with diabetes and their families have.

I have used syringes, insulin pens and insulin pumps as methods of injecting insulin into my body. However, I always had to carry insulin and syringes with me as a primary or back up method of injection.

My back ground in engineering and my condition as an insulin user has allowed me to understand first hand the short comings of existing insulin products and their cost implications to me and my family.

My goal is to improve the life of people living with diabetes by creating low cost solutions that enhance their life style.

I invite you to join my efforts by supporting the products and services provided on this site to improve the life of yourself or your loved ones.

Carlos Sapene


T1D Ignited

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